Saturday, March 18, 2006

At Least Bill Self Makes It Quick

Well, that didn't last long, did it? I know, I haven't talked about KU basketball this year, except for Kentucky game. The team was very young, and didn't get off to a good start. However, they did end up as Big 12 Tournament Champions and regular season co-champions (loosing the tie-breaker to Texas), so I'd say that it was a very good year, except, of course, for the last game. (By the way, Bucknell is going through all teams named after the People of the South Wind. Apparently this means that next year Kansas State will go to the big dance, where they, too, will be vanquished by the Bison — appropriate mascot, as it turns out. After that, who knows? Arkansas State, Wichita, University of Missouri Kansas City, ...)

Actually, Kansas fans have it easy, at least in my lifetime. We know that the season is going to end in a loss. North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke, UCLA, ..., they have to keep hoping every game. At KU, it's just wondering when the ax will fall. When KU did win, it immediately went on probation.

But that's not the main point of this post. The main point is to note that Jim Nanzt and Billy Packer are idiots. Let's see, Northwestern State (I still have no idea which state) beat Iowa, Bucknell over Arkansas, Bradley over Kansas, Wichita State over Seton Hall, George Mason beats Michigan State, Ohio State had trouble with Davidson, North Carolina with Murray State, and Connecticut with Albany. Let's face it: talent is pretty well distributed around the country.

In fact, I propose that we put a limit on the number of teams that can go to the NCAA from a conference. Just off the top of my head, I'd say four (4) is enough. If you can't finish better than fourth in the ACC, Big 10+, Big 12, SEC (basketball?), Pac 10, or Big East (of the Rockies), just how much chance do you have to win the Big Dance. You've lost to at least four other teams in your league at least once, and theoretically you could lose to the conference champion three times — and we're supposed to believe that you have a legitimate shot? Come on, that would take a miracle, and I'd rather see the miracle be performed by Iona than by Miami (FL).

Next year's selections will be interesting. Does the committee interpret Nantz and Packer's comments as orders from the CBS Boardroom, and so awards ten spots to the Big East, 8 to the ACC, and seeds all the Carolina teams number one? I'm guessing that the money at CBS wants the NCAA to diversify, because it's more fun to watch David beat Goliath than Goliath pound on his little brother. But maybe not, maybe Jim and Billy were spouting the company line. In that case, was the NCAA listening?