Friday, March 10, 2006

All the Scores You Need

If you have satellite or digital cable, you undoubtedly get ESPNEWS, all sports news, all the time. Just in case the scores don't come at you fast enough, at the bottom of the screen is the ESPN BottomLine, which scrolls through all sorts of events, giving scores, playing times, and, for those of us who don't gamble, a few highlight bullets.

Just in time for the Final Four, I found that you can get ESPN BottomLine on your computer. True, you can get it from ESPN. However, for Firefox and Mozilla users, there's the ESPN BottomLine Extension, which puts the Bottom Line on, well, the bottom of your browser. Not only do you get the scores, but you can scroll through the previous bullets, and when you click on a title you get more of the story from ESPN's web site. It's updated constantly, so you can follow next week's NCAA tournament from your desk without having a big banner that your boss might see.

The only problem I've had so far is that sometimes the thing wants to take over my whole browser, then you have to restart, basically, since it wipes out all of the navigation bars. But it's definitely a nice extension to have when sports events are taking place while you're at work, e.g. the tournament and, starting next month, baseball.

Oh, you can enable/disable this by looking in Firefox's View menu and clicking on "ESPN BottomLine."