Saturday, October 30, 2004

Firefox Search Box Resizing

Firefox comes with a search box to the right of the address bar. Type something in the box, and you can search Google, Yahoo,, etc., depending on your default choice. That's good, but the search box is quite small. Before 1.0PR there was one way to resize the box, now there's another, as revealed in Darrel Norton's Blog. In the Linux version, find the directory ~/.mozilla/firefox/something.default/chrome, where something is a random string of characters. In this directory, create or edit a file named userChrome.css, adding these lines:

 * New way from

/* Make the Search box flex wider */

#search-container {
   -moz-box-flex: 400 !important;
#searchbar {
   -moz-box-flex: 400 !important;

Pick a number that works for you. As you increase the size of the search box, you decrease the size of the address bar, so there's a trade-off involved.