Sunday, October 31, 2004

Blogger Stats

While not watching the game (John Kerry's Election Prospects are looking very good.) I've been hitting the next blog link at the top of this page. Some observations based on really bad statistics (meaning these are only kept in my mind):

  • About half of the Blogs are from outside the US. Most of those are in another language, so I can't really comment. There are some interesting ones from Iraq, Iran, and other places in the Mideast.
  • It takes an average of 10 clicks to find a page which doesn't have the "next blog" link. I suppose these are outside of the domain, hosted on individual's web sites.
  • 10% or so of the pages come with annoying pop-ups that welcome you to the page -- uh, people, I'd feel a lot more welcome if you'd just let me read the page, rather than have to click the OK button.
  • Many of you spend a lot of time on setting up the background.
  • I don't understand a lot of the pages that are in English. Some pages are written in shorthand, some just don't make sense.