Thursday, January 01, 2004

Preferred Applications

A quick note because I'm always forgetting this stuff: I use Ximian Evolution as my mail reader, and MozillaFirebird as my browser. Evolution is a Gnome Desktop application. So, to get a clicked hyperlink in Evolution and to pop up in a new tab on Firebird, the following needs to be done:

  1. Launch the Gnome control center (gnome-control-center from an xterm)
  2. Click on Preferred Applications
  3. A window will come up. Click on the Web Browser tab, and then Custom Web Browser
  4. Edit box as you want and click Close.

My "Custom Web Browser" is a little file called newfire, which looks like this:

# From
# open URL in new process if there isn't one, otherwise open URL in a new tab
firebird -remote "ping()" &&
firebird -remote "openURL($1, new-tab)" &&
exit 0
# if we're here, open a new process.
firebird "$1" &

As the comments say, if Firebird is open this opens the link in a new Firebird tab. Otherwise, clicking the link opens Firebird.

Happy New Year everyone.