Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lotsa Linux Listings

So this morning, bleary-eyed after dropping Child Mark I off at the airport, I sat down at my computer and took a look at the blog's logs from There I found a large number (well, OK, 4) listings from a specific Arch Linux Forum. Why? I ask myself, slugging down another cup of coffee. Well, duh, I answer, click on the link and find out.

And so I do. It turns out to be a topic started by a guy who has too many MS blogs in his RSS aggregator and wants some more about Linux.

And about 5 replies down is a list of Blogs from McQueen. I'll reprint them here, because it's a useful list:

You'll notice some of these are in the sidebar, and one of these is at the top of this blog. Thanks for the mention, McQueen. I appreciate it.

And thanks for the list of blogs, which I'll now be searching.