Saturday, January 08, 2005

We Should Never Have Sent Them Rupp

KU plays Kentucky (aka UK) tomorrow night. Why we're playing a non-conference, top 10 team in mid-January is beyond me (I know, $$$), but I wanted to focus on this "rivalry".

Folks, I knew it was bad, but it's not just bad, it's really bad. If Red Sox-Yankees was this bad, John Henry would have shot himself before Game 4 of the ALCS got to the 9th inning.

How bad is it? I should have a string of jokes here, but really, it's pathetic.

has the gory details: 3-19. Ted won one (of 13, the masochist), Larry one (of 3) and Roy one (of 4). The worst game, IMHO, was in 1978, when KU was ahead by about 6 with a minute left to play at Kentucky. Owens was dancing around the sidelines. No shot clock then, remember, and no 3-point line. Yet KU lost, 67-66. I was watching this on a Louisville's channel 3. Since I was in Bloomington, IN, this made for a very fuzzy screen. Fortunately, it was my roommate's TV, as if it had been mine, the TV would have been out on the street.

Can Bill Self turn things around? I hope so, but after watching the A&M and Georgia Tech games, I'm going to go way out on a limb and say that if KU wins, it's going to be a nail-biter.