Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Feeling Much Better Now

Yesterday was the first anniversary of this blog. I was going to post statistics, reactions (minimal), a little bit about the evolution of the blog, etc.

Last week, around Thursday, the government decided that there was enough flu vaccine, and recommended that everyone over 50 get a shot.

I've gotten a flu shot for at least the last 20 years, usually at work. In those twenty years I never got the flu. In fact, I never had the flu.

OK, I thought, Monday I'll go to my doctor and get a flu shot. I'm entitled, after all.

Friday night, as I was driving home, I got the sniffles.

Saturday I had a general, undefined ache all over, though I was able to do a four mile walk, which did clear my head.

Saturday night I was warm enough that I didn't need blankets. By morning I had a fever of about 101.5F.

Sunday afternoon I topped out at 102.6. Fortunately there were some good football games on.

Since Sunday I've been cycling between 99 and 102, roughly. When it gets above 101 I take Tylenol.

I'm coughing my head off, as my sinuses have all sorts of junk. I'm not particularly sore anymore, but I get tired very easily. This afternoon I had to lie down after watching four straight hours of Deep Space 9 and TNG. OK, I chased down a couple of rabbits, too.

So if you're wondering why I know I never had the flu before, it's because now I know what the flu is. Everything else is a cheap imitation. I had mono almost 30 years ago, and it wiped me out for months, but I don't remember it being this intense at any given time.

As God is my Witness, I will never skip a flu shot again. Those who run the programs might think about that come next election. You've blown it two years in a row, this year worse than last. Get with it, people.

Of some worry is that 86 years ago this month my Grandfather got influenza. The "Spanish Flu", as it was called. He died before the end of the year, leaving my Grandmother with six kids, the oldest ten years old. Now, I'm not a sufficiently large hypochondriac to think this is going to get me (though I'm close). But this strain isn't as virulent as the Spanish one was, and we've got antibiotics to clear up secondary infections. So I'll be around to post into the new year.

Posts might be rather spotty, though, as I recover.

All of you take care.