Monday, September 13, 2004

Why we shouldn't get too excited

OK, it was fun to see Joe Gibbs and the Redskins (which would be a pretty fair name for a rock band) win yesterday. Let's not fire up the bandwagon quite yet, though:

  • Subtracting off the Portis outlier, he averaged exactly 3 yard per carry: (28 for 84). Adequate if you've got a decent passing game, but not great.
  • Subtract that run, we get beat 10-9.
  • In addition to the two fumbles (one lost for a TD), Brunell threw three balls in the first half that could have easily been intercepted.
  • His QB rating is 68.9

OK, there were some good things:

  • Clinton Portis saw everyone to his left, realized the right side was open, and did run 64 yards, unmolested. That was a great run, and I don't want to deny that. If he can do this regularly, he can average 1 yard per carry the rest of the time for all I care.
  • The offensive line actually looked as though they knew what they were doing, and there weren't a lot of penalties. There was a delay of game call, but that looked to be Brunell's doing, not the O-line's. Jones was a little shaky at RT, but he didn't get his quarterback killed, and Brunell didn't have to run around a lot.
  • The defense looked solid. Of course, this is Tampa Bay, but last year Brad Johnson lit up the defense. (Champ Bailey looked good in Denver, though.)
  • The Giants are pitiful.