Tuesday, August 03, 2004

RealPlayer 10 Setup

Installed the release version of RealPlayer 10 for Linux. This supersedes the beta version I talked about earlier.

When you download, don't let the name RealPlayer10GOLD scare you, they aren't charging for this player, unlike previous Gold versions.

Had some difficulty getting Plugger to let go of the RealPlayer plugins for Firefox. To do that,

  1. If you set up the symbolic links to the plugins as in the beta version post then they still point to the right location. If you used hard links, then you'll have to delete them and relink.
  2. Edit the file ~/.mozilla/plugins/pluggerrc, removing or commenting out all calls to realplayer (whether all is a good idea remains to be seen).
  3. Delete the file ~/.mozilla/pluginreg.dat. Mozilla/Firefox reads this to find plugins. It only consults the plugins themselves if this file is gone
  4. Restart Firefox

So far everything works. I can even watch CBS News videos, which I couldn't do before, probably because I didn't have the plugins set up correctly.