Saturday, July 10, 2004

Getting Back At Scammers

So you get another email saying,

Dear wondrous Soul,

My late husband/wife/father/mother stole about $15 billion from our local government, and they won't let me take it out of the country!!! Can you help? They'll let you take it out. Really!! Just send me all your account information, Social Security number, a few credit cards, and your firstborn child, and I'll deposit the money in your account. Then, if I can get out of here, we'll go halfsies!!

I'm sure no one here believes these things, though such scams still get bites. (Click on the circled "P" to see the whole article at once.) But wouldn't you like to scam the scammers, get back at them?

No problem, others are doing it. Check out Scam-O-Rama, which answers those annoying emails and strings along the scammers.