Saturday, June 05, 2004

Archive Update

If you look in the archives, you'll see some posts that look as though they were written in stream-of-conscience mode. Just where you think there should be a paragraph -- there is no paragraph. In fact, paragraph spaces that you might have seen before have vanished.

This blog is not possessed, it's just had a change of view. The default input mode to Blogger (adv.) interprets carriage returns as line breaks (<br /> in HTML) and double carriage returns as new paragraphs (<p>). That's fine for many things, but I found that it doesn't give adequate formatting control for my taste, so I set everything so that I have to specify line breaks and paragraphs.

Of course, this setting doesn't apply just to posts written after the change, it applies to everything to the blog. So some early posts are now missing paragraph markers.

I'm slowly editing the posts to correct this, but haven't caught up with everything. If you find something in the archive that looks run-on, let me know and I'll fix it. If it doesn't make any sense after that, well, that's not my problem...