Monday, April 05, 2004

Looking for a cheap place to build?

Want a nice place to live, free from cares about the big city? Then consider Marquette, Kansas (pop. 593). Not only will people welcome you, they'll give you the land to build your house on.

To be fair, my old home, Holyrood, Kansas, gives you free land, plus free cable for a year. (Call H&B Communications. Ask for Robbie.)

Now you may think that this is a farfetched notion, but let me ask you, oh suburbanite:

How far do you live from your family doctor? Ten miles? How long does it take you to get there? Probably 30 minutes, right? Holyrood only has a doctor a few days a week, but in 30 minutes you're in Great Bend, which has doctors, hospitals, movies, and Dillions.

These towns are connected, too. I don't know about Marquette, but in Holyrood you can get digital cable and a cable modem ISP. Plus cell phone service. And you're only two hours from Wichita, 4 from Kansas City. Think about it, tech types. For what you pay for a bungalow in Silicon Valley, you can by a whole section (that's a square mile, city boy) of land in Kansas. You can make Bill Gates mansion look like an old-style "A" ticket at Disneyland. And you can drive at 80 mph on the turnpike.

This is not a bad place to live.