Saturday, March 13, 2004

Free Books Online

My we're busy today, aren't we. Two sites of interest:

For books out of copyright, see Project Gutenberg, which now has thousands of books online. These were typed or scanned in by volunteers. Bibles, Shakespear, Twain, it's all there. Now the files are available on CD and DVD. Useful for taking on trips with the laptop. The books are in plain ASCII format. If that bugs you, read them with your browser and change the font to something you like.

For certain books in print, there is the Baen Free Library. OK, it only has Baen books, and not the current ones, though you can also purchase current ebooks from Baen. The free books are promos, of course, hoping to draw you into one series or another. These books are HTML formatted. Series included are Telzey, Honor Harrington, Retief. Authors include Bujold (one short story), Flint, Weber, Niven and Pournelle (Fallen Angels), and more.