Sunday, December 21, 2003

Plugging Along

The standard way to make Linux browsers accept Windows-style pluggins is with Plugger. I downloaded the source for version 5.0, and compiled it to its default directory which is in /usr/local . The plugin itself exists at /usr/local/lib/mozilla/plugins/, so I followed the java example and did

# cd /usr/local/MozillaFirebird/plugins
# ln -s /usr/local/lib/mozilla/plugins/ .
Then went to the Plugger Testing Ground.

Oops, need a video player plugger recognizes. Do

# yum install mplayer mplayer-fonts mplayer-skins
to get one.

Back to the test page. So far, plugger works properly on the Quicktime, AVI and FLI videos, put not MPEG. Some sounds work, some don't. I suppose we'll have to play with /etc/pluggerrc-5.0, the plugger configuration file, to find out what can be made to work and what requires another program.