Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OK, Let's Get It Over With

Short circuiting the upcoming political frenzy.


  1. John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, made a ''joke'' in poor taste about education and the military;
  2. George Bush, who did something during Vietnam, took offense;
  3. John Kerry is a Democrat;
  4. John Kerry is not running for office this year;
  5. He doesn't hold any office, either;
  6. Nor is he likely to hold office any time in the next decade;
  7. George Bush is a Republican;
  8. He's not running for anything, either;
  9. He is President of the United States;
  10. Republican candidates all across the country are asking not to be judged by George Bush's record on the war, immigration, Social Security, Medicare, Trade, the economy, and our relationships with other countries; nor by anything he or Donald Rumsfeld says;

Be it resolved that:

every Democratic candidate will be roundly condemned because of one thoughtless remark

Here endeth the Fox News version of the argument

Oops, I've been informed that John Kerry is still a Senator from Massachusetts. My bad. Just goes to show you how inconsequential he is these days.


Anonymous said...

There are a few kinks left, mostly in the ending, but I finished in my self imposed two hour deadline.

30 days be damned!

Link: www.zaccohn.com/nanowrimo.txt


rcjhawk said...

LoL. And on my browser it displayed in one page.

Anonymous said...

Been a nutball of an election, hasn't it? Glad that silliness is over for another two years. Let's hope the other Democrats moving in aren't as ineffectual as JK.

Remember, next month you get to change your tagline to say three years on the web...

rcjhawk said...

Gotta getta new tag. I'd like

I could not love baseball so much, hated I not the Yankees more.

but that would probably get me accused of being anti-American. Besides, I don't do much baseball talk here.

Oh, heck, you've inspired me. See the new tag.