Friday, January 09, 2004

Seen this before dude

In the beginning, it was an army of white-armored (nice target, guys) troops all lined up in "Attack of the Clones". Then it was an army of Orcs lined up in "The Two Towers". Tonight we have an army of super-Jaffe lined bowing to Lord Annubis in Stargate SG-1's "Evolution Part II". Isn't CGI wonderful? What's next?

An army of Abe Pollins in "Michael Jordan's Worst Nightmare"?

An army of Howard Deans in "Dubya's Favorite Election"?

An army of bookies in "One Day With Pete Rose"?

An army of Sarah Jessica Parkers walking down Fifth Avenue in "Sex and the City -- The Clone Years"?

Actually, that last one isn't all that bad.